"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant.


We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift".


                               Albert Einstein


Swim With it

or fight Against it.

           It's up to you!


Falling in Love, or Just Doing Life. 

You can 


 It's your choice. 




FLOW = Not the Hippy Dippy kind - This FLOW is the ultimate creative force that draws us closer to our Truth! To the place we are MEANT to be. To the people we are meant to be with. To our greatest joys, deepest insights, closest relationships and ultimate purpose. It is like a river of living inteligence, organization that is all around us. Call it God/Universe/Intuition or whatever, its there to guide us. So why would anyone want to struggle against it?
FAITH = Faith is a drastically missunderstood resource. It is the socket that plugs us into the real power of Flow. 
This is not a blind dogmatic faith that demands we believe someone elses story about life. It's developing the natural awareness of what you already know within you. It's intuition and inner knowing.  The kind of faith a child has when it jumps into its mother arms or that all of nature has that the sun will come up each day.
FREEDOM = We are taught that freedom comes from having choices, money, security....But TRUE Freedom starts in your heart and radiates through your head out into your world. '
You are only truly FREE when you can experience joy, love, peace, happiness, purpose and fulfilment regardless of outside circumstances.  



When we swim against our natural Flow life gets hard, unhappy and generally unsatisfying. There is often an innate sense of emptiness, stress and even hopelessness

Even if we are outwardly successful its often described it as having 'everything and nothing.'


QUOTE-  “What good is a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul”.




MOST DEPRESSION  occurs when we refuse to listen to the warning signal - We have stretched so far from our core truth, (the life we are designed to be living), our emotions and mind shuts down. Like a kill switch.


This is a good thing - It squeezes the joy out of the WRONG direction we have been going and forces us to look deeper at our choices.


When we step back into your Flow, worry, stress, depression, anxiety and fears DISSOLVE.  No more warning signals are required!  


You can finally breathe and feel alive again.




The further away from our ‘TRUTH’ we get,

the emptier we feel & the greater our emotional discomfort.

Business, Science & Flow

The Power of Intuition

If Flow is a river of information,

Intuition is the 'voice' nudging us through the river. 


The greatest Business and Scientific minds in the world openly pride themselves on their 'Gut instinct'.

Branson, Allen, Musk, Trump, Buffett, Gates, Zuckerberg all boast their intuition guides them through impossible decisions: often times leaving logic, common sense and their advisor's behind.


Einstein went so far as to say "The only really valuable thing is intuition."  And he accredited all his major insights and discoveries to this apparently mysterious force.


But in truth you don't have to be a genius to experience intuition. Quite the opposite. Intuition begins when our 'intelligence and mind' stop.


We have all experienced intuition or 'The Voice of The Flow.' Even as simply as 'knowing someone was going to call before they did' or getting a feeling something was wrong when we walk in a room.


Living in the Flow exponentially heightens your connection to this God given sense, and puts a certainty back into our lives beyond anything we could study or learn in University.




The Flow, Intuition studies and other heart based science are now taking a center stage in cutting edge research at major Universities around the world.


We can measure many of their powerful effects on our wellbeing, happiness, decision making ability and even the world around us.

This has led to heart & Flow based training for high level employees to increase their ability to function under pressure and tap into intuitive reasoning to enhance decision making.



"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force: the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter."

   Max Planck - Inventor of Quantum Physics


So when the people in society we call 'the most successful' admit to tuning in to their intuition (The voice of The Flow) it should be a clue for the rest of us!




When we move in unison with this energy, like a well-oiled cog, life literally 'flows' ‘through us’.  Unfolding perfectly and profoundly, even if we don't understand how or why all the time.


We feel more connected and purposeful than ever

We experience joy for no reason

We feel secure and immersed, in all that life has to offer

We feel fully authentic, which brings a sense of peace and wellbeing

We break the cycle of fear, worry, impossibility

We worry less about other people’s opinions

We heighten intuition

We get a fresh outlook on life and difficult situations


It's living in  EASE & GRACE - It is literally like  coming home!

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